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i speak


Friday, February 12, 2010, 10:09 PM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 9:28 PM
dear god,
if i had to spend my last 50 dollar bill,
  1. $1.40 on cheese prata
  2. $1.40 on ice milo DINOSAUR
  3. 2 lottery tickets( 4D and TOTO)
  4. id buy the most comfortable footwear on the planet ( aka tai seng slippers)
  5. then id wear my comfy shoes and spend 10 dollars and board a taxi with a friendly uncle at the driver's seat and chat
  6. ill buy potong ice cream and lepakafy at my backyard
  7. ill buy a treat for my dog the beast.
  8. ill buy my coldplay album
  9. id buy a poster of miley cyrus and destroy it

technically, i cant do everything stated above with da balooo note that is the sacred 50 dollar bill. but nevertheless...

i made my way to boat quay today at 4pm in the evening alone. just to sit down and absorb the splendour of the singapore river which isnt exactly a river...or so i've been told from people from foreign lands who've actually seen rivers. and to my surprise i wasn't alone. i was indeed one of the many who come down to be seated there as the sun sets to soak in the goodness of the RIVER. haha.. and yes i brought my sketchpad along. it was indeed bliss inducing. it was serene watching the water glisten against the setting sun with like partial smog filled gas blowing against you. HAHA. ok no...

Sunday, February 7, 2010, 9:11 PM

its been a whopping three months since the end of school. i just realised how much life has changed actually.ok i am not going to go on and on about what a slug i am or how miserable i am doing nothing or how i should find a job.my lifestyle has changed for the better or for the worse? i'm still impaired in many ways to make such a judgement.

my life at present lacks structure which i dont think is going to be replaced just by a mere job.life in secondary school had more than structure for me.it had warmth. it had laughter. it had a class full of human beings.and when i mean human beings, i dont just mean the ones we meet when we cross the road or board the bus or as a matter of fact EVERYWHERE but people who have life(something most people lack) within them and not just the ones who wake up everday just to get through the day.

and now as i recall the past two years of life ive realised that ive had more but still so very little.( and for those who dont understand what it means, just carry on reading cause thats what you're going to do anyway) i m not going to be some hyprocite and say that ive had the best time of my life blah blah blah...neither am i going to say i hated every single part of it. cause thats just bullshit.its just heartrending to know that i am not able to walk up to someone and say i had THE BEST two years of my life. and no its not just about school. i made so many friends. and at the same time i've lost some too.

  1. i miss sashaying in my school uniform into golden village cinemas after school to watch movies
  2. i miss our communist community ( or whatever we were called) outings to swensens.
  3. i miss filling in jordi labanda with sham diy and hanan.
  4. i miss the dead silence in class during social studies and the the SUDDEN outburst by mr neo chai wee
  5. i miss OPPOSITE
  6. i miss changing into trackpants and WALKING home in the same fugly pants.
  7. i miss dressing up in the weird outfits declaring my love for milk
  8. i miss watching gaya get DISSED by mdm hasniza
  9. i miss watching zhi an shred his test papers into pieces
  10. i miss offering priya tissue to wipe her drool during french classes
  11. i miss lying to lim aun theen and skipping history lessons to run around school
  12. i miss ponning tamil lessons and hiding in the library.
  13. i miss the noodles from the canteen ive NEVER finished eating
  14. i miss bringing twiggies and raisins to school.
  15. i miss our biolessons AND our tougay( or however you spell it) plant which we mutated.
  16. i miss secretly taking the lift to the art room.
  17. i miss just merely boiling leaves during bio pracs so that well have sthg to show madam (i forgot her name)
  18. i miss naming ceremonies for our pens and pencils
  19. i miss taking new year resolution videos in the middle of the year
  20. i miss yearning to make a fashion statement just like sella
  21. i miss george the librarian.
  22. i miss the silver chairs in the geog room.

Monday, January 25, 2010, 12:12 PM
its fun catching up with my best buds.
marche with hanan diy and gaya was awesome. bitching at the sky garden. bangla watching. taking random photos. clean fun.
chinese classes with gaya are the highlights of my week. its brilliant spending time with my humble follower actually. haha.
i spend half my day on the computer. the other half on the computer. mostly skyping with naidu and nisha.
id be most willing to spend another 7 hours at starbucks.
nive my brahmin follower who looks up to my meat eating ways is doing great with a JOB.
pradeep has risen from sathyam theatre
and i officially enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Thursday, December 31, 2009, 6:12 PM
and now i sit waiting for the cucumber and tomatoes to dry on my face. HAHA
and its been quite abit of a ride this year.
31st december. 6.15pm

ive met brilliant people. briliant people whove made me VERY happy. some people i never knew actually would and could.haha some people id treasure for a very long time.
ive skipped class to hide in the corners of the library with BRILLIANT company . HAHA
ive preteneded not the hear the bells go off after free period;)
ive lost my spectacles thrice
ive tripped 5632478693784 times
i thought i destroyed my knee
ive lived through PE
i officially own 14 hairbands
ive tried paying attention
ive tried to stop laughing like a spastic dog
and through very credible sources( HAHA) ive learnt that i can use ..... to express copious amounts of emotions just like that.
and i realised that i actually love my class:)

its been hectic. but in all a blissful experience.
and im grateful.
its a lonely new years eve. ill have to admit. with everyone all over the world. but its still special. in some way at least cause i cant wait to kick some 2010 ass:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 4:44 PM
they'll never be knights in shining armours with swords in hand or kamikaze fighters..
dont count on them to storm the barricades
to take a stand
or hold your ground
youll never see any scars or wounds
they wont walk on coal
they wont walk on water

there are no princes
there are no saints
and if thats what you believe you need,
youre wrong, you dont need much
but someone to fall back on

the half of us
best in you

youll be your prince
youll be your saint
you will go crashing through fences
in your name, you will, i swear,
be someone to fall back on

Saturday, October 10, 2009, 1:36 PM
i love my friends. i love little india.
the place is pretty much like ecstacy. the place i mean. you get drawn into it. and keep wanting to go back.
all the blue denims, the sexy slippers, the hot fringes, the gold hair and the list goes on.
coconut water. pavement. weird smell everywhere. brilliance.